Falls are a leading cause of injury in seniors, and preventing falls at home is crucial for maintaining independence and quality of life. With the help of an aging in place or accessibility expert, as well as physical therapists, seniors can take steps to reduce their risk of falls and stay safe in their own homes.

First, it’s important to have a thorough assessment of your home to identify any potential hazards. An aging in place or accessibility expert can help you to identify areas of your home that may be at risk for falls, such as slippery surfaces, poor lighting, or cluttered areas. They can also recommend modifications, such as installing grab bars or non-slip flooring, to help make your home safer.

Physical therapists can also be a valuable resource in fall prevention. They can assess your strength, balance, and mobility, and recommend exercises to help improve these areas. They may also recommend assistive devices, such as a cane or walker, to help with mobility and stability.

In addition to making physical modifications and participating in balance and mobility exercises, there are also some practical steps seniors can take to prevent falls at home:

It’s important to remember that falls can happen to anyone, at any time. By taking proactive steps to prevent falls, seniors can help to ensure their own safety and maintain their independence in their own homes.

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